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Well…It all started for me around 10 years back, when a large
treee stump washed into our river mouth, in front of our house
on the beach one October after some heavy rains!
This has happened many times before in our 20 years of beach living!
But this stump was very different, on inspection I noticed 8 large rocks
trapped inside the roots.
Being a woodworker for 30 years, this special piece really caught my eye. After extracting the root balls with my chainsaw rough in shape, I brought them to my woodshop to start the process of drying and curing them, taking off the excess parts and rotten soft parts.
They all seem to take on a shape of their own.
Some remained very natural and others were transformed into new characters and shapes. Synergy itself is a combination of rocks being trapped in the roots and the bases of trees. We are pretty sure this combination happens all over the world in different forms.
Around 90% of all trees push the rocks away when they grow. Only certain trees will actually absorb the rocks wich happened to be located directly underneath the growing tree. These roots grow either super fast, moving around the rock and keeping it in place or because the roots grow so slowly the rock is not pushed away. Some of the trees that we know for sure are the Almond tree, the Cedar tree, the Arbutess just to name a few, there are many different types of exotic hard and softwoods. There is a mystery surrounding this natural form of art. We call Synergy!!
To me the wood represents the people of this planet and the rock is more the earth and together its’s all about living in balance with nature on harmony.
There trees float in from all over the world and fall in these rivers of Costa Rica travelling thousands of miles, each one is very unique and one of a kind, impossible to duplicate or be copied by anyone. To me they are true forms of natural art! I hope you enjoy looking at them, as much as I enjoy exposing their inner beauty!!

One world, one love nature first!

my name is Thomas Ritchie.
I am from Vancouver BC Canada but here in Playa Santa Teresa they call me Tomás.
Me and my wife Kristine and our two daughters Aurora and Avalon have beed living here on the Beach for 20 years. The first five without electricity and no other surfers!
We built a nice tropical home by hand in the jungle a stone throw away from the surf.
We are ventured in many ways to keep this dream alive from having the first cabina rentals and started the first bike sotore and surf shop/school in the area. All while building furniture in my woodshop and most recently an all wood 40 foot double outrigger Polinesian pirate ship named the Aurora Delfin II plus a whole lot of surfing along this magic coastline and of course staying close to my lovely wife and kids enjoying the beach life in harmony with nature and its rhythms. Living the dream!!

Paz y Amor